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In spite of what partisan leadership in Washington is trying to do to us, we are the UNITED States of America. It's time we started to act like it. #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall
🔹RandomInspirationalThought🔹 God wants us to YIELD to his way so we won't get hit by the cars of chaos and craziness. It takes patience, because sometimes we just want to get where we're going to, but if we YIELD to His ways, we can find peace! #randominspirationalthought #yield #peace #Jesus
As @fellowshipchurch and @c3global prepare to host the America's Mighty Warriors retreat at @allaso_ranch this week, please be in prayer for each family member who will be attending. These Gold Star families have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and it is our responsibility to show them that it is not forgotten. While we can never repay what they have done, our hope is that they feel the love of Christ through us and that they gain the understanding that this nation appreciates what they have given. 🇺🇸 ⭐️
What an OUTSTANDING #freedomexperience weekend at @fellowshipchurch. Thanks to Mr. @glennbeck for an inspiring education on #freedom in America. We must all "Behave like men determined to be free." #Patriot #MadAnthonyWayne
💛ATTENTION:💛 BOYS (and girls) who love football, @fellowshipchurch is "kicking off" a new series called, "QUARTERBACK" where we are interviewing TONY ROMO, RYAN TANNEHILL, AND TROY AIKMAN!!! If you aren't here now, you don't want to miss next week! #fellowshipchurch #themixfc #church
June 28 marks the 10 year anniversary of one of the darkest days in U.S. Military history. #OperationRedwing saw the death of 19 of our nation's bravest, strongest, and best warfighters. 10 years gone, but never forgotten! Thank you is never enough for what these men and these families sacrificed.
What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a little #pewpewpew!! .22LR AR Match at Proactive Defense. Happy Birthday America!! #freedom #2ndamendment #july4th
Today we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary @oneplacechurch. This picture was taken the night we made the decision, in obedience to God's call on our lives, to move to #CDA and plant the church. @sarahhartfield thank you for leaving everything that was comfortable and secure and jumping in faith into this journey with me. Jesus has been so faithful and has been our defender and friend, even as the enemy has tried to derail and destroy our church and our family. I have so many people to thank today for their sacrifice and investment in our lives and in our church, but you come first. I love you. #AndIYou #OnePlaceChurch #BetterTogetherCDA
USA's Decline to Third World Irrelevance

The ACLU, this godless administration, and a preponderance of American society in general, continue to push God out of our schools, our universities, our businesses, our parks, and every organization that is not specifically a religious organization. And then we wonder why evil seems to be raring its ugly head more and more everyday.

America and Israel are unique in that we are the only two nations in the world in which a covenant was made between us and God. But as for America, that covenant has been broken, by us, not by God. And now, as God has removed his hand of blessing and protection, we should not be surprised as we continue to devolve into a country filled with evil, debauchery, corruption, greed, self-obsession, and hate. Until and unless we turn back to Him, the events of yesterday will continue, and in fact, increase in frequency. And we will continue this downward slide into powerless irrelevance, and eventually third-world status....Happy Friday!!

New friendships established, old friendships renewed, lives changed, and most of all, #heroes and sacrifices honored, remembered and #neverforgotten. #AMW2015 #C3Global @allaso_ranch
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